Guardianship administration is the court process of appointing a guardian for a person called the “Ward”. The court appointed guardian may manage the Ward’s property and also exercise certain delegable rights of the Ward.  Florida has several different types of guardianships depending on the situation. Leggett Law Offices will review the particular situation with the client and determine the appropriate course of action necessary to establish the proper type of guardianship. 

Powers of Attorney, Healthcare Surrogate Designations, Trusts, and other documents can have an impact on the type of guardianship necessary to protect the potential Ward. A common situation is where a loved one is suffering from incapacity.  A guardian may need to be appointed to help ensure this person is not taken advantage of and receives proper care.  Another type of guardianship is one for minors.  Appointment of a guardian may be necessary to care for the minor when the parents are unable or may be necessary to approve a settlement or accept an inheritance on behalf of the minor.   Every guardian (not guardian advocate), must be represented by an attorney admitted to practice in Florida.   

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