When we hear the phrase last will and testament we think of an older person passing away. We think of our grandparents, even our parents. As the years pass the new generation, commonly known as millennials, have started their adult lives. Graduating college, finishing military service, starting a business, breaking into the corporate world, but there is very little preparation for the future in evidence.

Articles are floating around on social media about how millennials are causing a decline in the economy because of their frugal lifestyles. The new generations coming up are not following the same path as the older generations. Changing the overall generational lifestyle is perfectly fine and encouraged, but the one thing that shouldn’t be laid to rest is a last will and testament. This document makes a person’s passing easier on the ones we leave behind. It grants the people named in it legal access to assets and can also ease them in the grieving process.

Think of it this way, if you don’t leave behind instruction for your possessions and the care of your loved ones, then the State will get involved and make those decisions for you. Those are your memories, your loved ones, and you should be the only person who gets a say in what happens after you’re gone. It doesn’t matter if a person is 21 or 92, there is always a need for a last will and testament. None of us are immortal, we have to be prepared.