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Guardianship Lawyer Jacksonville

What is Guardianship?

Guardianship administration is the process of filing an appropriate petition for the appointment of a guardian, following the applicable Florida Statutes and guardianship rules, and ultimately having a guardian appointed by the Court for the individual known as the “Ward”. This often includes filing a petition to determine the proposed Ward’s level of capacity or incapacity. A guardianship may be for the appointment of the guardian to manage the delegable rights of the Ward and/or their property. A guardian is an individual appointed by a judge to make decisions on behalf of the Ward. The court-appointed guardian may manage the Ward’s property and exercise certain delegable rights of the Ward. A guardian is often a family member and sometimes a professional guardian is appointed in certain cases.

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Leggett Law Offices can help explain the different types of guardianship administration, determine the proper petitions and related documents that need to be filed, and guide the client through the guardianship process.

Why You Should I Hire a Lawyer For Guardianship?

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Provides legal Guidance

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Ensure asset protection of the ward

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Advice for Alternative options

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions? We have answers. Check out our FAQs below:

How does a court determine someone needs a guardian?
What are the types of Guardianship?
Can I terminate Guardianship?

Our Process

Our process delivers a clear outline that enables you to know what we're doing constantly.

1. Free Initial Consultation

The attorney will discuss your specific matter and determine how best to proceed. Fees and costs to handle the case will also be discussed. An estimated timeline of how long the case may take and potential issues that may arise will be discussed as well.

2. Draft Documentation

Once you are retained as a client, you may simply scan and email related and requested information to our secure online mailbox or fax. From that information, we will prepare your guardianship petition for your review and signatures and upon receipt of the signed petition, the attorney will file it in the appropriate Florida court for you.

3. Administer & Open Case

Upon filing the guardianship petition for appointment of a guardian, the clerk will assign a case number. Once a case number has been assigned, the attorney can begin the administration process.


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Grant Leggett was fantastic. Quick to respond to my million questions. He guided us through the whole process painlessly and professionally. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

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Grant is an amazing attorney. Extremely professional and very responsive. He guided me through my mothers probate case with laser precision. Very highly recommended!

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